Our Amazing Planet
Dr. Nermeen Dashoush, PhD
STEM Specialist and Chief Curriculum Officer
for MarcoPolo World School

Planet Earth Trivia!

Planet Earth is the perfect place for life, for several reasons! But did you know Earth’s tallest mountain is in the ocean? Or how many different types of animals live here? Our amazing planet is filled with amazing secrets. Here’s some cool facts about planet Earth to share with your child!

All About Earth
  • The name Earth means ‘the ground.’
  • Earth is the third planet from the Sun. It revolves around the Sun, which is a star!
  • Earth has over 8 million different types of animals.
  • The largest animal on planet Earth is the blue whale.
  • The fastest land animal on planet Earth is the cheetah.
  • Earth really only has one ocean, we just give the parts different names. From space,
  • the Earth looks very blue! That’s because it’s covered mostly by water.
  • Mountains are the tallest landforms on planet Earth. However, the Earth’s tallest mountain is actually under the ocean! It’s called Mauna Kea, and it’s a dormant volcano (that means it won’t erupt).
  • Some volcanoes are active. That means they can erupt! Hot molten rock called lava shoots out of the top.
  • About 2% of Earth’s freshwater is frozen in ice sheets and glaciers. Glaciers are made of ice and snow.
Celebrate Earth Day on April 22 with a Game of Earth TRIVIA!
Play with your child and test your knowledge about our amazing planet!
  1. What does the name “Earth” mean?
  2. Our planet revolves around which star?
  3. What is the largest animal on planet Earth?
  4. What is the fastest land animal on Earth?
  5. When astronauts see Earth from space, they call it the “blue planet.” Why?
  6. What are the tallest landforms on Earth called?
  7. What is hot molten rock that erupts from a volcano called?
  8. What are glaciers made of?

Follow along for more learning at MarcoPolo World School. Join us this month as we celebrate planet Earth and explore our solar system! Check out our free printables here for more hands-on activities. https://www.marcopololearning.com/printables.html

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