Teachers: The Unsung

Engineering Heroes!

Dr. Nermeen Dashoush, PhD
Clinical Assistant Professor of Early Childhood Education
and Chief Curriculum Officer for MarcoPolo World School

May 8th is National Teacher Appreciation Day! At MarcoPolo Learning, we work closely with teachers to develop the World School curriculum. Therefore, we know teachers should be appreciated every day for their guidance, care and hard work. Along the way, we also discovered that teachers are the ultimate engineers. Where we see old CDs, they see the perfect tool to teach their students about wheels! Teachers, we salute you and the many remarkable engineering miracles you perform on a daily basis.

The Milk Crate

Few of us can recall the last time we saw actual milk in a milk crate. However, anybody who has stepped into the classroom of a resourceful teacher has been in awe of what they can do with this coverless container. By simply adding cushioned lids, these ingenious engineers can transform practical storage bins into comfy seats worthy of a spread in a decor magazine.

National Teacher Day
The Hanging Shoe Rack

Teachers don’t let the name limit their imagination! A hanging shoe rack is not just for shoes. Teachers have so many uses for these hangable pouches that even a marsupial would be envious. A non-teacher sees a shoe rack, but a teacher sees a mailbox, a craft organizer, a home for spools of yarn, and - yes, they DID! - a vertical garden. You never know what you will see hanging around these crafty inventors.

The Pipe Insulator

If you ever see a teacher at a hardware store buying pipe insulators, you might assume they are doing some home renovations, but they could be about to create a mean marble run! Tubes are a teacher’s best friend when it comes to teaching about forces and motion. Cut the pipe insulator open, give the children some marbles, and watch them create a rollercoaster on the cheap! Don’t have pipe insulators? Teachers really know how to use anything that resembles a tube. Come ye all paper towel rolls and pool noodles! Teachers everywhere know your potential.

National Teacher Day

The incredible resourcefulness of teachers inspired us when we created the character of Willow. Willow is full of engineering moments, and is constantly designing gadgets to learn more about the world around her.

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