A Platform to Boost Classroom Quality

Introducing MarcoPolo For Educators, an innovative platform that offers resources and tools at teacher's fingertips to support enriching children's learning, enhancing teacher-child discourse, elevating classroom quality, and creating meaningful connections with families.

Bring Your Curriculum to Life with the Most Comprehensive Video Library in Early Childhood Education

MarcoPolo For Educators contains the most comprehensive library of developmentally appropriate videos for early childhood education. Our content is thoughtfully designed by educational experts to ignite curiosity in young learners and provide teachers with the tools to support quality instruction and promote family engagement.

Content and instructional support to promote quality

Our easy-to-use platform with resources supports teachers in providing quality instruction and personalized learning in the classroom and at home.

  • Engaging video content

Support Diverse Learning Needs

Every video comes in English, Spanish, Chinese, and a unique Modified English version which plays at a reduced speed with simplified language and subtitles, to provide intentional support for children with various developmental needs.

Connect Families to Your Classroom

MarcoPolo For Educators is paired with our award-winning child-facing app, MarcoPolo For Families, which extends learning from the classroom to home. This app allows educators to share customized playlists, video messages, and family engagement activities with caregivers to build a strong school-to-home partnership and reinforce learning beyond classroom walls.

Our Pathway to Quality

We created a solution that provides ongoing support for educators to elevate classroom quality.
Learn from our research-based Professional Development and training on best classroom practices;
Engage children using our resources with embedded PD to put learning into practice;
and Share with families to foster effective family engagement.

Professional Development and Training

Our tailored Professional Development and training are integrated with research-based strategies and best classroom practices, providing educators with practical tactics to elevate teaching and learning.

Educators learn to:

  • Ask purposeful, open-ended questions
  • Provide emotional support for children
  • Understand different learning styles
  • Respond to children in meaningful ways
  • Differentiate instruction for diverse learners
  • Extend learning and engage with families

MarcoPolo For Educators

MarcoPolo For Educators is an easy-to-use educator platform, aligned with early childhood curricula, that provides a suite of content and tools to help create a quality classroom environment and put teachers's professional learning into practice.

MarcoPolo For Educators includes: 

  • 1,500+ videos and resources aligned to your curriculum
  • Content in English, Spanish, and Mandarin Chinese
  • A Modified English version to support diverse learning needs
  • Open-ended questions to foster quality teacher-child discourse
  • Inquiry-based activities to promote curiosity and extend learning
  • Alignments with assessment tools such as Teachstone's CLASS®

MarcoPolo For Families

MarcoPolo For Families is our award-winning app that allows families to stay connected to your classroom, extends learning from school to home, and fosters meaningful caregiver-child interactions.

Educators can engage families with: 

  • Customized learning playlists for each child
  • Individualized video messages to caregivers and children
  • MarcoPolo Let's Talk, a unique way to foster caregiver-child conversations based on their child's interests
  • 3,000+ contextualized learning games that build early literacy, math, and executive functioning skills
  • 800+ learning videos available in both Spanish and English
  • Easy and effective family engagement activities

Frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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How does MarcoPolo protect student data?

MarcoPolo Learning takes student data and privacy very seriously, and we're proud to be a KIDSafe certified technology. To learn more about our policies and practices, please read our Privacy Policy.

What languages is the content provided in?

All video content is available in English, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, and a Modified Version that intentionally slows down and simplifies the language for serving dual language learners and children with different cognitive needs. 

What research has been conducted on the effectiveness of MarcoPolo?

MarcoPolo’s program design, digital learning experiences, family engagement activities, and resources with embedded professional development are all grounded in research-based theories and principles of child development and foundational skill growth. You can refer to our Research Brief for more detailed information.

How does MarcoPolo support kindergarten readiness?

MarcoPolo takes a developmentally appropriate and whole-child approach to kindergarten readiness by supporting both social emotional growth as well as traditional academic concepts. Our content helps children learn the tools for self-management and independent exploration, supports language development, and nurtures foundational skills in mathematics and literacy.

What type of technology do I need to have in my classroom?

MarcoPolo For Educators can be accessed through the web on any modern web browser across desktop computers, laptops, Chromebooks, tablets, and interactive boards. The MarcoPolo For Families app is a free mobile application that can be downloaded on the Apple AppStore, the Google Play Store, and the Amazon Web Store as well as accessed through most mobile phones and tablets.

Teachers Love Us

“Thank you MarcoPolo and for how much it has affected learning in my classroom.  My children LOVE MarcoPolo and ask for it every day. The resource is AMAZING... and hey, not only are the kids learning, but I have learned some things too! Thank you once again for helping us teachers get tools to help expand these children's brains.”
Kristen Legge
Teacher, Kiddie Academy Longwood-Lakemary
"The children absolutely love it. They were receptive, they were engaged, they were asking questions, they were interactive and they loved the videos and the learning that was taking place. We found out over several weeks, they were still retaining the knowledge that was gained from watching these videos.
Sharon Cummins
Teacher, Kids & Company
"We have struggled in the past to find age appropriate content in Spanish and this has been helpful to have Spanish content related to what we are learning in the classroom."
Bibliana Lucumi
Teacher, Smart Start of Mecklenburg County
"I am old school and using technology in my classroom has been a challenge for me. I have been using MarcoPolo's letter art videos to support our letter of the week. The kids are really engaged and like to try to recreate the letter animals themselves. This gets a whole conversation going that we might not have had otherwise!"
Melissa Heburn
Teacher, Oasis Christian Academy
I love the feature of sending direct messages to the parents. Being able to have contact between the parent and teacher is important for the child’s learning. The product is very easy to navigate for the parents, kids, and teachers! The wide variety of topics are endless!
Fanny Pruit
Teacher, Kids Prep School & Daycare
"MarcoPolo is going to be a game changer. The hallways are buzzing with excitement!"
Janet Lucy
Administrator, Anoka County Community Action, Minnesota