Introducing "Transition to K and beyond" to Support Children's Transitions into Kindergarten

March 26, 2024

NEW YORK, March 21, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- MarcoPolo Learning, recognized for its excellence in creating high-quality digital educational solutions for early childhood education, introduces  MarcoPolo World School - Transition to Kindergarten and Beyond. This innovative program serves as a solution for schools to bridge the gap for children and families during the pivotal summer transition into kindergarten, and it uniquely provides continuous support throughout the entire kindergarten academic year.

MarcoPolo World School - Transition to Kindergarten and Beyond is a comprehensive, 12-month program thoughtfully designed by experts in early childhood learning. The goal of the program is to support foundational skills in literacy, mathematics, and emotional development while building vocabulary and content knowledge to ensure a seamless transition into kindergarten.

The program complements traditional, non-digital summer learning materials by offering a blend of daily online and offline activities. These activities are delivered through video-based instructions and provide families with practical and research-proven methods to guide their children's learning journey in manageable ways.

Each week, a live-action teacher provides a guided skills-targeted lesson that supports the monthly theme. Along with literacy, math and social and emotional learning development, this program supports kindergarten curricula through the entire academic year. Offline activity packs pair with each daily activity and a calendar to keep track of it all. The app provides over 800 educational videos and thousands of foundational math and literacy games. Available in English and Spanish, the program also offers some unique features such as MarcoPolo Let's Talk®, a system that provides caregivers with questions and talking points that foster healthy conversations between caregiver and child.

"As a digital component, MarcoPolo World School - Transition to Kindergarten and Beyond tackles the challenge we were hearing from educators and families of maintaining the learning momentum over the summer. This program is designed to engage children in content for 10 minutes daily to provide continued support to reinforce and strengthen learning going into their kindergarten year," said Dr. Nermeen Dashoush, Chief Learning Officer with MarcoPolo Learning.

Through participating schools, families receive an Access Card to download their free subscription to MarcoPolo World School and register for offline support materials.

"Transitioning from prekindergarten to kindergarten marks a significant milestone in a child's journey, requiring intentional support and compassion from all involved stakeholders. Here in Manatee County, we hold this transition in high regard, ensuring it's guided with utmost care and dedication. As part of this year's transition to kindergarten initiatives, we're thrilled to introduce MarcoPolo's Transition to Kindergarten and Beyond Access Cards," said Darrell King, CEO of the Early Learning Coalition of Manatee County, Florida.

About MarcoPolo:

MarcoPolo Learning is an award-winning developer of content, technology and instructional support for early childhood education. Founded in 2013 with offices in New York, London, San Francisco, and Tampa, MarcoPolo blends innovation with research and best-in-class service for schools across North America to promote classroom quality and family engagement. For consumers, MarcoPolo's World School is an Emmy-nominated app and is one of the top-rated educational apps in the app stores. The Polos, MarcoPolo's animated preschool TV series, teaches STEM and introduces children to the wonders of the world. MarcoPolo is backed by a number of prominent venture capital firms, family offices and private investors.