Family Engagement

An Award-Winning Platform to Supercharge Engagement at Home

We help create a collaborative environment where learning extends beyond school days. Through our family engagement solution, teachers can easily share home customized learning playlists and personalized video messages to engage families with their child's learning in an easy, effective, and fun way.

Build Home Connections

Seamlessly bridges the gap between classrooms and homes with our MarcoPolo For Families app by extending learning from school to home, sparking children's curiosity, and engaging caregivers in supporting children's foundational learning. 

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"I sent home my family letters that invited them to register the app. The next day, a little girl came running to me in the morning waving her mom's phone saying "Look! I have MarcoPolo on mommy's phone! I can do the videos at home, just like at school!" It was so great to see her excitement."
JoNell Franklin, Lead Teacher, MECK Pre-K

Give Children Voice!

Put young learners in control of their learning journey by promoting collaboration, communication, and active participation, strengthening the connection with their families and teachers. 

Student Voice and Choice

Empower students and enhance their engagement and motivation in learning by letting them favorite the topics they most enjoy.

Connecting Families

Reach all families through communication, content, and activities that are designed to connect them to their child's classroom and extend learning to the home.

Home Learning Activities

Engage families at home through child-selected deeper learning activities.

Learning Through Play

We put young learners in control of their learning journey based on their interest by sparking their curiosity and promoting their active participation in the learning process.

Enriching Caregiver-Child Conversations

We go beyond digital engagement. This award-winning child-facing app offers families offline engagement activities, talking prompts, and thousands of games in literacy and math to engage young children in building foundational skills.

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Award-Winning Content for Families

Empower families to take an active role in their child's learning with the MarcoPolo For Families app. Families gain access to a library of award-winning, educator-vetted content, paired with fun learning games that support literacy, math, and executive functioning skill development. Videos feature real-life footage to connect children to the world around them. Activities and discussion prompts are included with each video, providing an engaging extension of learning.

My students love seeing me on their computer while they are at home. I love giving parents a glimpse into what their child is learning through the videos themes.
Alexis Cadavid
Teacher, City Church Academy
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Almost all of my students have it on their tablets or phones at home. All positive reviews, and three of my parents said they deleted YouTube Kids and replaced it with this. The app is amazing!
Kristen Legge
Teacher, Kiddie Academy Longwood-Lakemary
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Need Devices?

MarcoPolo Learning is an authorized reseller of Samsung to help bring best-in-class devices at affordable prices to early childhood classrooms. Contact us to learn how we can support you.

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