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A Unique Approach to Elevate Your Classroom Quality

Our solution focuses on creating ongoing support for teachers to nurture high-quality instruction and teacher-child interaction. It is a unique, continuous pathway that supports teachers in acquiring best classroom practices and putting them into practice.

MarcoPolo Let's Learn

Our Professional Development is rooted in research and best practices and is designed to strengthen teacher's instructional practices, support a variety of curricula, and empower teachers in elevating classroom quality. The courses are offered in a highly engaging, interactive, and practical way like no other.

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"This professional development course was awesome. Not only was it engaging and informative but it was good to gain perspective from other educators."
Arika Marshall, Teacher, Precious Children in the Highlands Preschool

MarcoPolo Let's Engage

Our educator-facing platform, MarcoPolo For Educators, empowers teachers to deliver an exceptional learning experience that is grounded in the best practices learned in our Professional Development. Our extensive library of videos, Educator Guides, Printables, and activities are designed to extend and enrich learning, fostering an environment where learning thrives within and beyond the classroom.

  • High-Quality Content

    MarcoPolo for Educators contains the most comprehensive, developmentally appropriate video library for early childhood education, developed by educational experts that seamlessly aligned to any early childhood curriculum used in the classroom. It provides teachers ways to scaffold instructions, spark children's curiosity, and create a highly engaging learning environment.

MarcoPolo Let's Share

Bridge the gap between the classroom and home with MarcoPolo For Families, our award-winning child-facing app. Educators can send home customized playlists, paired with personalized video messages, to connect families with what their child is learning in the classroom, promoting family engagement and effective caregiver-child conversations.

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Our award-winning, curriculum-aligned content uses real-life footage to help children make connection to the world around them, keeps children engaged, enriches the curriculum, and elevates teacher's instruction.

"Overall the hands-on ideas have helped me feel more prepared for the STAR literacy test and how better to prepare my students."
Debbie Chambrot
Teacher, First United Methodist Preschool
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I have a Spanish-speaking family who doesn't allow their child to use any digital tools at home. It is very hard to make sure the family knows what is going on in their child's school day. Having the family engagement component in the Educator Guide and having it available in Spanish is so helpful!
Fanny Pruit
Teacher, Kids Prep School & Daycare
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MarcoPolo Learning is an authorized reseller of Samsung to help bring best-in-class devices at affordable prices to early childhood classrooms. Contact us to learn how we can support you.

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